Wish list: Crosley Cruiser Orange

Like almost everyone in this world I love to listen to music. When I'm alone chilling on my couch drinking green tea and eating chocolates I love to listen to Damian Rice, especially the album '0' is my favorite. I got so many good memories to many of his songs. The Blower's Daughter is my all time favorite song. This is the kind of song I force people to li[...]

Lisa's trip to Ibiza

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!   In 2012 I booked my first vacation to the magical Island Ibiza and it was love at first sight. I just came back last week from my third time on Ibiza. This time I went with my sister and it was amazing again! For her it was the first time, but for me it felt like coming home.   With our white colored FIAT 500 we cross[...]

Style-ethics TV: designer Bjorn van den Berg

Bjorn van den Berg, a pure and intimate exhibition! Amsterdam Fashion Week has begun! but not al leading Dutch fashion brands are making use of the huge presences of this event. Bjorn van den Berg, a young and sophisticated Dutch designer, well known of his outspoken leather goods, has decided not to do a big fashionshow at the AFW this year. He wante[...]

My journey of getting fit…

Yes I entered the FIT-train and I’m so happy about it! Last week I was so happy that I lost 11 cm, this week I lost another 18 cm! So I lost 30 cm in only 14 days! Okay you’ll might think 11 + 18 isn’t that 29? Yes you’re right, but a miracle happened cause my biceps gain 1 cm, something every man dreams of, a muscle is growing! I have to say that I’m so [...]

Christian Dior fall-winter 2014-2015 haute couture collection

Yesterday Raf Simons, artistic director of Christian Dior, showed his 2014-2015 fall- winter haute couture collection. Raf Simons instigates an exploration of the past combined with ideas of a near future. It’s fascinating how Raf Simons was interested in the process of finding something extremely modern, through something very historical. He was attracted[...]

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