* Wish List: The Hunter Leather Jacket for men by Phillipp Plein *

No single item of clothing screams "Badass" like a leather jacket. Leather jackets are not an accessory, they are a statement or a lifestyle piece. An entire outfit can be built around a single statement piece like a leather jacket, even whole wardrobes. The Phillip Plein’s fashion house takes leather jackets to a new level with the luxurious ‘Hunter’ lea[...]

* Triple Hammock design *

A symbol of summer resting, leisure, swinging or sleeping. The Hammock is the perfect solution. You can also enjoy with your friends and family cause it’s cozy and has an optimum table in the middle. The Hammock is made of rope or fabric. The classic hammock consists of a cloth panel, or a thin rope or a woven network of twine stretched with ropes between[...]

- The black and white issue 04 The 24/7 look -

Today’s women are often very busy. Going from work to an appointment to a pleasent evening with her friends. For such busy days, girls need an amazing outfit which fits very well to each appointment. For these kind of days, choose black and white. Black and white is a safe way of dressing for any occasion but also very fashionable. For the 24/7 look, [...]

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