* Design: Glass luxury floating house *

Lujac Desautel nominated for the  ‘young designer of the year’ by boat international media has designed the glass luxury house. Lujac Desautel has put al his creative talents   in the house and designed it with inspiration from Lego blocks. The glass luxury house was built on a swath (small water-plane area twin hull) platform. The structure consist of th[...]

- Dutch designer: Jan Taminiau "Royal Blue" -

Jan Taminiau, famous of the amazing blue dress that in 2013 the Dutch Queen Máxima wore during the coronation on the 30th of April. Jan Taminiau, a Dutch designer born and raised in the Brabantse Goirle. He came from a family of antique traders. In 2001 he graduates at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem. His final year project earns him the pres[...]

- Wish list: The Fendi Bicolor Pochette -

Bags where would woman be without them? Think about it, where would you putt your wallet, make-up, keys  and all the other stuff that you carry with you on a daily basis?  A bag can turn even the simplest outfit into something fabulous. Fendi, who doesn’t knows the name of the Italian fashion brand famous by its Baguette-handbags. Ad a flash of metalli[...]

- How to create the perfect smokey eye -

In collaboration with the Blue Arts Make-up Academy , they were able to create the perfect smokey eye look. You can make smokey eyes with different colos and with different nuance of the colors. A black smokey eye is a great look if you want a dramatic look. In the tutorial below you will find a clear explanation how to make your smokey eye look irresi[...]

* Welcome Yasmin *

Hello dear readers of style-ethics, I would like to introduce myself as the trainee of the style-ethics team. The next few months I will have my internship at style-ethics. My name is Yasmin, I am seventeen years old and I am a first year student at an ROC or Highschool in Amsterdam, I study employee designer and stylist. When I was young my mom enr[...]

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