The journey of becoming the new and improved me...

It has been already one month now, that I was fed up with the old me and asked Angela la Grand to help me to become a new and improved me. Before I even started I was a little pessimistic, I wasn’t sure I could do this. But I did! I lost 30 centimetres and 15 kilo. Something I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams. Eating healthy, exercising and fee[...]

The collaboration of TOPSHOP and ZALANDO

When I was younger, I usually travelled all the way to London just to get my closet filled with the must-have items from Topshop. The store was rediculously popular, eventhough it wasn't available in countries like Holland. Since a while, Topshop has made a huge international growth. The collections are now internationally available.. Even for small coun[...]

The new holy grail: Rouge Louboutin

Once upon a time there was a Frenchman who designed beautiful shoes. He made beautiful stilettos' with heels so high that you could reach for the stars. But while he was looking at his beautiful designed stiletto heels he was still missing something, he wanted to add a little more wow, a little more aaaah a little more oeffff. And than it happened... His ass[...]

Black-laced dress, wear it, own it, love it....!

Black lace.... It is one of those fabrics that every woman should have in her closet. It might be the most feminine fabric available. This dainty fabric did prove its relevance time and time again across every season. What I love about this dress is that the black lace is making you look sexy without giving it all away. You can walk in every room, all eyes [...]

How my Chihuahua ate my See by Chloé bag

I remember how excited I was when I pushed the ‘OK’ button on the OUTNET and purchased a new See by Chloé clutch. It was a great deal and I just couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The website mentioned that it would take about 4 to 5 days for the package to be delivered at my doorstep. I was following every step on their track and trace system and after only 3[...]

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